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More accessible than ever

Wherever you are, all you need is your smartphone, tablet or laptop . You can view comments and attachment on the document. Then select WorkFlow action and confirm selection.

Your data, access from anywhere

Protection first. Communication from your device with TASKUP is automatically encrypted, data from HELIOS Green are not stored or evaluated by us and no one has access to them.

Focused on simplicity

Easily to use for users and your administrators. Use the manual to quickly set up your HELIOS Green yourself in minutes. You can enjoy the freedom of access as soon as possible.
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No hidden limits

No limits with your databases, users or workflow processes. Everyone can enjoy TASKUP.

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Technology and cookies

Supported platforms Android, Apple, Windows and all modern web browsers. cookies allow us to improve the quality of user experience, monitor response speed and server load. Your data from HELIOS Green is not recorded.